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Form 5498 mailed out in May!

9 May



IRA Bootcamp

12 Feb

(Webinar) Maximizing Contributions & Gains with Your Self-Directed IRA 2013

11 Jan

Only offered in the 1st quarter of every calendar year, Quest IRA, will update you on current and upcoming year contributions, important changes to the tax code, and potential investment strategies for the upcoming year. This class will show you how to contribute the maximum amount of funds into a tax advantaged account that will help to pay for retirement, healthcare, education and even a primary home purchase for a first time home buyer. Many Americans don’t know all of the options available for themselves, their families and their retirement, let alone know how much they can contribute every year to a retirement plan or how many retirement plans they can have. After this class you will have a clear understanding of your options and how it might best fit your retirement financial strategy for the current and upcoming tax year.